What are you selling?

Last month I was talking to my cousin, she sells very expensive facial products. I said, “what are you selling?” She said “skincare products”, I said “no, what are you really selling?” She said “youthful looking skin”, I said “no, what does youthful looking skin give you?” Confidence.

I was volunteering at my local Foodbank on Tuesday. I said what do you do here? He said “we distribute food parcels”, I said no, “what are you doing when you give people the food?” He said “we’re giving people help in a crisis”, I said but what are you really doing? Temporarily ticking one worry off the list.

We don’t sell time, we don’t sell policies and procedures, we don’t sell knowledge. I mean we do, of course, but that’s not it, we sell confidence that your compliance is good enough, we take the worries away.

What do you sell? Conveyancers sell confidence that the house you buy is what you thought you bought and is able to sell on later. Commercial lawyers can help people fulfil their dreams in business, contract lawyers help people feel safe and secure etc……

Being able to drill down to what you do can help you and your teams be better able to describe the value of what you do.

If you’ve been reworking your website to comply with the Transparency Rules, just have a little look, does it actually say what you do? Because if not, you could be missing a trick!