COVID-19 Infected Premises and BCP’s

So you discover that a member of your staff who is now working from home – or a client, or a contractor who serviced the printers or mended a leaking loo, or the postman, or a courier who has had cause to come to the office – has tested positive for Coronavirus and is showing symptoms. In practical terms what do you do next?

Consult your Business Continuity PlanImmediately close the officeShould all staff now self-isolate?Taking into account Data Protection Act Regulations on special category data anyone who may be affected should be informed and asked to self-isolateDo you have sufficient non-affected staff to man the office over the next 14 days?Is it reasonable to ask them to come into infected premises?How do you set up a Deep Clean? Have you a nominated contractor and do their Data Protection Act policies fit with your own?

We all need to look at all aspects of our Business Continuity Plans to ensure they’re fit for purpose – sadly the COVID-19 crisis is far from over.

It may not be the last time we have to deep clean and review plans in the coming months to ensure they’re living, relevant documents.